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    Hi! Thank you for checking out my website!


    I am a high school student in Westchester County, New York and grateful to have the opportunity to explore many different forms of art including drawing, painting, sculpting, and acting. 


    One of my passions is sculpting miniature objects out of clay. My sculptures are usually small, often the size of a dime and take on many different forms. I love sweets so creating cakes, candies, shakes and all kinds of desserts have become a favorite activity. I am currently working on bringing my creations to life in a claymation movie.


    There is so much art to explore! The more I am introduced to different kinds of art, the more I want to create. My current goal is to finish high school and fine-tune my art portfolio. I hope to go to art school after graduating so that I can perfect my skills and establish my career in the arts!